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About Us

Press Commercial Bodyworks Ltd

Est. 1970

.Leading the industry in excess of 50 years

.One of the biggest commercial repair facilities in the

     South West

.Offering a one stop service for all of your vehicle


.Recognised, and recommended by all industry


.Remaining a family run business supported by key,       

     dedicated  highly skilled workforce

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  • Established in 1970 by Martin Warren & Richard Birch who had both served an apprenticeship in the industry


  • Located in Bedminster Down, Bristol from premises that were rented from “Mrs Press” – hence the name.  The original business name was Press Autobodies


  • Mrs Press was forced to sale the premises so the business had to relocate; at which time Richard Birch decided not to continue


  • Martin Warren continued the success of the business at new premises on Novers Hill Trading Estate, Bedminster and within 8 years expanded to an additional unit at a nearby trading estate and a further unit close by in Ashton.  During this time we saw the business’ identity change to Press Car & Commercial Bodyworks, but the iconic branding remains virtually untouched to this day


  • To consolidate, the business was finally re-located in 1988 to Avonmouth where over the following 15 years expanded into the entire site it now occupies; 4 acres including a vast 47,000 sq ft workshops


  • Martin’s daughter Emma joined in 1990, followed by his son Dean in 1991, having completed an apprenticeship in the industry


  • Martin semi-retired from the business in 2002 to enjoy travelling with his wife Lin, and fully retired in 2008


  • Son Dean, and daughter Emma who had steered and driven the business from 2000 were reluctant to see their father sell the business to a third party, so took the plunge and purchased the business in Spring of 2008 –allowing Martin to enjoy a young, long and well deserved retirement 


  • Dean and Emma still remain the driving force of the business - in what is a very different industry now!  The business branding remaining entirely the same, supported by a fully committed, and passionate management team, and highly skilled workforce all in-tact – the only minor alteration was the company name; Press Commercial Bodyworks Ltd


          Looking ahead ….         


          Dean & Emma’s priority is to continue to consolidate, develop and improve our business ethos to maintain our current position in the            marketplace, continuing  to be innovative and state of the art in all the services we provide.

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What we offer

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Accident Repairs

60 ft Chart Rack

The 18 pulling towers on our 60ft Chart Rack provide a massive 540-ton potential pulling power and provide 360° pulling accessibility. Uniquely, this enables pulling of any vehicle or trailer at any angle or height. Two vehicles can be repaired simultaneously, offering access from either end, ensuring fast repairs and minimum down-time for customers.

Beeline Chassis Alignment Jig

This jig uses 20-ton hydraulic rams, and can realign a damaged chassis without the use of heat, ensuring that the original tensile strength is retained. Precision Beeline chassis alignment, gauges and tooling are used during the realignment operation. This equipment works with pinpoint accuracy, meaning quicker repairs and faster reinstatement of vehicles. This equipment has enabled millions of trucks and trailers to return to the roads as safe, productive vehicles.


Josam Cab Jig

Using only special manufacturers patterns, the Josam will re-align even badly twisted cabs to their original shape. The Josam Laser system helps ensure that vehicles are properly aligned. This alignment is essential to help vehicles hold the road better with all wheels working together, therefore getting full tyre life. 

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Press Commercial Bodyworks Ltd

Unit A-D, Smoke Lane,

Avonmouth, Bristol,

BS11 0YA



0117 982 1166


Opening hours

Mon-Thur:  08:00 - 17:30

Fri:                 07 :00- 15:30

Sat - Sun:  Closed

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